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The short film features music and narration by Gavin Friday, and artwork based on original illustrations by Bono.

Peter And The Wolf is slated to premiere later this year, and uses Sergei Prokofiev’s symphony to explore themes of growing up, loss, courage, transformation, and our relationship with nature. Gavin Friday and Bono originally developed the project in 2003 in support of Irish Hospice Foundation, a national charity supporting those facing dying, death and bereavement.

The film follows a grieving 12-year-old Peter who is now in the care of his grandfather after enduring the loss of a parent. Upon hearing stories of a wolf on the loose, Peter decides to explore the vast meadow and forest nearby to try and find the wolf himself. Along the way he encounters creatures who help him on his quest while contending with hunters aiming to win a prize for capturing the wolf.

“The messaging of vigilance, bravery, and resilience that were core to the original symphony are still echoed throughout our interpretation, but we spin a traditional fairy tale into a unique adaptation that also incorporates the topic of loss, redemption, and recovery,” Friday and Bono said, speaking to Deadline. “It’s our hope that this Peter & the Wolf becomes a balm for any child dealing with loss, alongside exposing and captivating them into the wonderful and musical world of Prokofiev.”

Friday narrates the reimagined tale with The Friday Seezer Ensemble performing the Prokofiev score, newly arranged by Maurice Seezer and Friday. The artwork seen in the film is based upon original illustrations by Bono, from his book of the same name. The animation juxtaposes a traditional hand-drawn 2D animation style against a physical set-built world.

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