Custom House Quay (Teach an Chustaim)

This architectural icon stands on the Liffey quays, which were once Ireland’s major trade route to the wider world. The architect James Gandon completed the building, a masterpiece of European neoclassicism, in 1791. Admire the decorative detail of Edward Smyth’s beautifully executed stonework carvings on the exterior and the famous carved keystones depicting the terrible heads of the river gods. There are 14 of these – one for every major river of Ireland.

Custom House Quay (Teach an Chustaim)

The Custom House (Quay) is located in Dublin city centre on the north quay facing the river Liffey between Butt Bridge and Talbot Memorial Bridge.


Here you will find the Jeanie Johnston. This ship is an authentic replica of the original Jeanie Johnston. The re-creation of the ship was one of the most ambitious maritime heritage projects ever undertaken in Ireland. Following extensive research in 1992, the ship was designed by Fred M. Walker, former Chief Naval Architect with the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, England and the re-creation project was modelled closely on the restoration of the 17th century Dutch ship, the Batavia.

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